It’s that time of year again! When we gather the biggest and best experts, to discover the social media trends that will matter most in 2019. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you want to read this!

It doesn’t seem 12 months since we last revealed the trends that would shape 2018. But what about 2019? We have a fantastic collection of social media experts, marketing influencers, and PR consultants to give you insider insights into what will be impacting your strategy next year. We’ve even found the best social media campaigns of 2018, that foresaw the trends for some early impact.

With contributions from some of the biggest experts in the industry, like Rand FishkinSarah HallNeal SchafferChris Penn and many more. To help your journey through the trends, we’ve split them into 3 categories:-

  • The next age of data – trends surrounding changes in data.
  • The technology revelation – trends involving technological changes.
  • The self-adoration society – societal changes that will impact marketing.

The next age of data

We can’t cover the big trends without looking at data. With the rise of GDPR and a greater awareness of the protection of personal data, brands & analysts need to handle their data streams effectively.

Not only that, but how businesses integrate data into their marketing strategy is changing. KPIs are merging, departments are realigning and businesses are getting more data savvy. 2019 is going to shake things up.

1. Big data big issues – Brands will concentrate on using the right data & data transparency

Who would have thought that 4 letters could be such a problem? Expect 2019 to be the year when businesses become more aware of the importance of secure data, and the dangers of unreliable/dirty data. We’ll also see how brands will handle the minefield of data transparency, and measure the impact of GDPR.

“Every data scientist and machine learning practitioner in the world, at every company and every level, needs to be taking a hard look at their governance and ethics procedures around bias.

We’re seeing more cases every day of algorithms creating emergent, unintended consequences (see the most recent high-profile case where Amazon scrapped its AI-powered hiring algorithm due to systemic bias against women) where insufficient time, effort, and resources went into mitigating bias.

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By Dan