Although planning a safe event has always been part of the event industry, it’s at the forefront of event organizer’s minds now, more than ever. Around the world, tragic incidents at events like the Las Vegas shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing, and natural disasters have shown that we aren’t prepared for every type of security and safety issue in our industry. And with tech playing a larger role in event planning and production, not only do we need to be on top of physical threats, but cybersecurity concerns as well.

Regardless of the scale of your event, planning a safe event needs to be your priority. We take a look at how you can do that, with:

  • A review of event safety basics
  • Insight into more sophisticated measures
  • Ways to implement cybersecurity best practices

A review of the basics

Let’s start at the beginning and take a look at some standard considerations for safety and security for event organizers.

Have a risk management plan in place for each event

It’s time to refresh your practices with regards to risk assessment plans! Remember that a risk assessment plan has three main parts and serves the purpose of making your event as safe as possible for everyone involved and nearby.

  • Hazard identification: Recognize any hazards associated with your event. To identify those risks, consider the different people involved and their roles in the setup, running and participating in the event. As well as human-related hazards, you should also recognize technological, natural and environmental hazards.
  • Risk assessment: Use a risk assessment matrix to estimate the potential impact of a hazard to find the level of risk. Once you have done this, you can prioritize the most significant risks.
  • Risk control: With the help of the event team, develop reasonable solutions, starting with the high-level risks. Those may include the elimination of hazard, substitution, engineering, administrative and use of appropriate safety gear. Above all, you should look for solutions that are logical and practical.

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By Kristen Cooper