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These 5 Entrepreneurial Apps You Must Own

Date Added: August 09, 2011 09:13:34 PM
Author: James Helliwell
Category: Organizational Tools

For any entrepreneur, there are a number of smart phone apps that one must have. These apps help with the person who is often on the go and requires powerful tools in his everyday life.



The cost of commuting and traveling to various business meetings can prove to be quite costly. In a global economy, being able to make inexpensive and easy conferencing calls is essential. Powwownow gives users the ability to easily schedule conferences and make cheap calls through the app. The only fees associated with the app would be regular phone charges for the calls. This app also features a simple one touch call connection as well as call scheduling and alerts.



Ideas and inspiration can come at any time. To be able to ensure that these ideas are not lost, Evernote is a helpful app. One is able to record messages and capture pictures with this app. There is an online feature as well so ideas and thoughts can be viewed on the computer once back at home or in the office. For organizing those random ideas and thoughts, Evernote is great.



Many people keep in touch through the use of instant messaging. One app that is able to work with and access many different IM clients would be Meebo. This app allows users to connect through various providers such as AIM, Google, Yahoo and more. Through one simple app, a user can be certain to not miss any messages. Since the app also features push notifications, alerts will show up on the phone even when the program is not running.


Dragon Dictation

Typing on a smart phone is not always the easiest task. When on the go, one often needs to type out lengthy e-mails or documents. Through the use of Dragon dictation, one can quickly and simply dictate any message or e-mail. This can then be copied into another program, emailed directly from Dragon or posted to Facebook or Twitter.



For individual calls and messaging, Skype is extremely handy. Simple video chats and messaging is free through this app. Users also have the ability to get voice mail messaging features and the ability to call land line phones through Skype. These additional features are relatively inexpensive.


Smart phones are amazing tools and the entrepreneur who is on the go is able to be productive and stay connected through these great apps.