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10 Fantastic Apps for the Young Modern Entrepreneur

Date Added: July 08, 2011 05:15:02 AM
Author: James Helliwell
Category: Organizational Tools

For the busy entrepreneur, the iPhone is most certainly a well-used business tool. There are a number of great apps that any entrepreneur should not be without.



Not everyone can have their own personal assistant. For a close facsimile, Bento is a great app. This provides the user with an electronic personal assistant. There are templates, organization tools and contacts that can all be accessed in this app. Meetings can be planned and projects can be organized here. It syncs with the desktop program on the Mac as well.



For utilizing Microsoft office programs, and important asked to have would be Quickoffice. This app allows the user to open, modify and save any of these documents right on their phone. Business does not stop when one is away from a computer and this app helps to ensure this.



When browsing the Internet, one does not always have time to read every interesting article and blog. To save things for later, Instapaper is a must have. This allows the user to mark things from the Internet for leisure reading. A nice feature is that things can be stored for offline reading. This way, when there is no Wi-Fi, the pages can still be easily read.



Most entrepreneurs will have a relatively extensive phonebook. The native address book in the iPhone is sufficient, but a more robust program would be ABContacts. This program allows you to sort contacts by what are called smart groups and there is a visually attractive photo section where favorite contacts can be stored. With this, it is extremely easy and quick to dial a business associate or loved one.



As an entrepreneur, coming up with ideas is something that happens organically and at any time during the day. Evernote allows the user to capture ideas whether it is in text, video or pictures. This will then get automatically get synced to the account, so the great ideas can be looked at when back at a computer.


Drop Box

To store files and pictures on multiple devices, Dropbox is extremely handy. With a simple account, files can be stored and access anyway. This can be accessed through the web and there is also a program that will sync with files on the computer. The free version of the program offers a good amount of storage and there are paid versions for those power users who have a lot of data to store.


Urbanspoon & Yelp

When eating out or looking for great attractions and things to do in the city, two apps will provide help would be Urbanspoon and Yelp. Both have location based programming where the local attractions, restaurant and user reviews can be seen.



Communication is very important. To get in touch with business partners, Skype is very useful. Many businesses and individuals have Skype accounts, so it is likely that there are people in the address book that are on Skype.



Staying on top of the stock market and any important financial news is necessary for the person who is on the go. With Bloomberg, this information is always available on the iPhone.


With an iPhone, being a successful entrepreneur can be very manageable and achievable with the help of these several great apps.