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Organization of Apps on Online Sites is Far From User Friendly

Date Added: August 25, 2010 07:33:10 AM
Author: Alan Zisman
Category: Meeting Management

Much of the reason for the continuing excitement about smartphones and tablets is due to the availability of free and inexpensive "apps" – small applications that let users customize their gadgets, adding games, travel, restaurant and movie guides, and yes, even business tools.


Apple’s App Store is the biggest source of apps. It lists more than 200,000 for the company’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Google’s Android Market is coming up fast, with some 70,000 apps for that growing smartphone platform.


A lack of apps – and a failure to get developers involved – helped doom Palm's otherwise promising WebOS platform, leading to the company’s purchase by HP. And while still in the lead in sales, the relative lack of apps for RIM’s BlackBerry phones is a sign of that platform's stagnation.


Microsoft, with its Windows 7 Phone platform still unreleased, has promised a free phone to every employee – perhaps to encourage the company’s developers to build apps for it in their spare time.

I count 55 apps installed on my iPad. Still, there's a problem with apps. [Read More]


Article from Alan Zisman